Company Review

TSE Management

Sector: Property and Others 

Company Registered: Yes, UK 

Date Registered: 23/09/2020 

Head Office: Yes 

Total Number of Staffed Offices: One 

Can You Visit Them In Person: Unlikely 

Business Phone Number: No 


Domain Registered: 23/09/2020





What they say: TSE Management have been helping with clients property requirements throughout Europe since the early 1990’s, originally established in Brighton the new TSE HQ office finds itself based in central London.

To pursue a successful claim through the Spanish courts, you need to act now. As it stands, for the Spanish courts to investigate your timeshare claim, you need to hire a specialist in is this field or a Spanish legal officer. Please note they cannot act without your authorisation to pursue the claim.

 Can this be verified: NO 

 Our Summary: A company registered recently that purports to be property specialists but also mention timeshare on their website. The address in London is a serviced office and as the company was only registered in September 2020 it is hard to validate the statement that they have helped clients since the 1990s. No contact telephone number also raises doubts about their validity.