Do You Know Who You Can Trust?

Nowadays, it can be very hard to know who or what to believe? We live in a world where every media story has a hidden agenda or political bias, and the world-wide-web has provided the platform for unlimited and unrestricted content publishing. Anyone with an internet connection, no matter how old they are or where they are living in the world can post content publicly without moderation or editor approval, whether via a forum, website or social-media channel making it hard to decipher what is fact and what is fiction. 

When we are looking for clarification on a subject matter or to research a product, service, person or business, we rely on the internet to help advise us and guide us to make informed decisions. So how do you know you can trust those sites providing the answers?

The world of timeshare is one in which, there are more rogue operators than real ones, and as such it is essential you know who and what information you can trust! 

Timeshare Trust was created to help you better understand what factors you need to consider before making a decision to engage the services of a company and to report on and provide our feedback on companies we have already researched and reviewed.


Due Diligence

Are they who they say they are? Many rogue operators create fake profiles, fabricate stories and even go as far as producing fake documents to try to deceive.


Are they being transparent? Scammers will be very quick to sell you the benefits of what they are selling but its often what are they not telling you and hiding which is most important!  


What security measures are in place if things go wrong? Do they have a trading address in your country? If you are asked to send payments are the funds and payment methods secure? Are you paying the company you are contracting? How are you paying and is your money safe? 


Can you trust who you are dealing with? What information can they provide to prove they are a legitimate company? Can they authenticate their credentials?

Do Your Research

Our 5 Step Approach to Verify a Company

1. Positioning

Is the company officially registered (i.e. with Companies House)? In which country is the company registered?, How long has the company been registered?

2. Place

What is the company trading address? Can you visit the company at their address? Is it a manned office or a postage address at a serviced office? Can you find the address on Google Maps? (check out the Street View, does the location and building match the business activity)?

3. Presentation 

Is the company´s presentation professional? Does the company use a landline or mobile phone number? Do they use a @companyname or free (@gmail or @hotmail) email address? Do their marketing materials (logo, website, letterheads etc.) look professional? Do they have social media profiles?   

4. Past

How long does the company claim it has been trading? Does this match their company registration records? Do they make bold claims about their past achievements and is this realistic given the time they have been trading? 

5. Proof 

Can the company verify the claims they make with evidence? Can they supply proof of their achievements? Are their team and the people they work with genuine?

Get In Touch

If you have had a positive or negative experience with a timeshare company and would like to share this with us please use the contact form here.