Company Review

Timeshare Watchdog International

Sector: Timeshare Claims and Exits

Company Registered: NO 

Date Registered:

Head Office: No address

Total Number of Staffed Offices: 0

Can You Visit Them In Person: NO

Business Phone Number: Yes


Domain Registered: 19/09/2019





What they say: All the varying opinion and individual experiences that surround the industry can leave us unsure as to whether the purchase and commitment we have just made is the greatest thing we have ever done for our future holiday plans or the beginning of a downward spiral to financial ruin. 

Timeshare Watchdog International is born from conversation, opinion and 3rd party stories that led us to want to create a forum for past, present and potential future owners to share their insight and understanding through genuine experience. 

Can this be verified: NO 

Our Summary: A company not registered in the UK or Spain. No physical address quoted has links to 6 other scam operators. Purports to be a consumer organisation but is really a cold caller for timeshare exits or claims.