Company Review

Torcaz Abogados / Paloma Abogados

Sector: Various

Company Registered: NO 

Date Registered: –

Head Office:

Total Number of Staffed Offices: ?

Can You Visit Them In Person: NO

Business Phone Number: NO


Domain Registered: 2020-03-11






What they say: “Torcaz Abogados was instituted 1st of September 1994 by Mr Fernando Olawza García & officially registeres in Spain. Our CIF Number (Fiscal Identification Number), is A43663289.”

Can this be verified: NO

Our Summary: A fake company who simply changed names when exposed, not registered and using profiles of people under false names on the website. CIF number not registered. They send out fake cheques or ripped envelopes to appear as though the cheque has been lost in order to buy themselves time so that the consumer can’t get their money back from them.