Company Review

Advogate SL

Sector: Timeshare claims and exit

Company Registered: Yes – Spain

Date Registered: 24th May 2019

Head Office: – Yes

Total Number of Staffed Offices: One

Can You Visit Them In Person: Unlikely

Business Phone Number: Yes

Website: Yes

Domain Registered: 13th May 2021

What they say: Advogate S.L is a network of advisors, mediators and paralegals working alongside some of the most respected solicitors in the industry to provide advice, support and representation to all consumers, with the goal of protecting their rights at all cost.

Can this be verified: No

Our Summary: Given this organisation seems to be nothing more than a lead generator for third party companies, despite requesting upfront fees they will not be carrying out the task paid for. With false testimonials and photos on their website this leads us to believe that there is a failure of truth and transparency. Consumers have reported unsolicited contact from this company. If initial contact was unsolicited – a cold call or email or text out of the blue, it gives rise to concerns as to whether your data has been acquired and used legally.