Company Review

Inconel Administration SL

Sector: Timeshare and various others

Company Registered: Yes

Date Registered: 08/08/2019

Head Office: Plaza de la Iglesia Local 9 planta 2 primera puerta, 29631 · Arroyo de la Miel · Málaga · España.

Total Number of Staffed Offices: 2

Can You Visit Them In Person: Unsure

Business Phone Number: Yes


Domain Registered: 15/07/2015





at they say: We provide integral solutions and advice to clients within all aspects of having lost monies to companies who are based in Spain.

Can this be verified: No

Our Summary: Various consumer websites have linked this company with Platinum Services a known scam company. They also quote that they can assist in recovering monies from:   

MacAnthony Realty International S.L.
Incentive Leisure Group S.L
Instant Access S.A
Blue Chip
Dream Homes WorldWide”

No such claims are possible against these companies.