Company Review

Timeshare Council

Sector: Timeshare exit and claims

Company Registered: No

Date Registered: N/A

Head Office: No contact address quoted

Total Number of Staffed Offices: Unsure 

Can You Visit Them In Person: No 

Business Phone Number: Yes


Registered: 2016






What they say: Our objective is to give timeshare owners independent advice, terminate unwanted contracts and pursue timeshare companies for compensation through our network of UK based legal advisors. The European directive was passed in 2008 and enforced in 2011 to protect consumers that had been mis-sold any timeshare product. 

 Can this be verified: NO 

 Our Summary: This company is hiding behind the real Timeshare Council and are not associated. They offer no address to visit or contact details beyond an 0800 telephone number. The website is very out of date with no real content since 2016. They cold call and purport to be the real registered company despite the fact that the real Timeshare Council is now the Resort Development Organisation.