Company Review

JSD Group

Sector: Timeshare Litigation Specialist

Company Registered: YES – UK Companies House 

Date Registered: 10th March 2020

Head Office: 69 Raffles Avenue, Carlisle, CA2 7ED, United Kingdom

Total Number of Staffed Offices: 1

Can You Visit Them In Person: ?

Business Phone Number: YES


Domain Registered: 2020-03-15






What they say: “Your Trusted Advisors In The Fight Against Mis-Selling. By the people, for the people.“

Can this be verified: NO

Our Summary: The website  publishes statements which are unlikely to be true for a company which has been only been registered since March 2020 “with publications covering many well known European timeshare ‘hotspots’, we have produced hundreds of guides for timeshare holders like you.” The statistics also seem unlikely when compared to that of genuine companies who have been operating for years longer. They target ex EZE Group owners as well as timeshare owners.