Company Review

Scudamore Law Services

Sector: EZE Group Claims

Company Registered: NO

Date Registered: N/A

Head Office: NO

Total Number of Staffed Offices: None

Can You Visit Them In Person: NO

Business Phone Number: Not Given.

Website: NO

Domain Registered: N/A





What they say: Firstly, we would like to make you aware of the recent closure of Regency Shores Holdings SL/ EZE Group and also to make it clear that this will be your last opportunity to recover any funds that you may have paid to Eze Group, Regency Shores.

With the convictions of the father and daughter-in-law Dominic and Stephanie O’Reilly In a place, this now allows ALL MEMBERS of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings to claims their funds back REGARDLESS of how you made payment. (including bank transfers, cash payments, and loans).

**You may have been told that because you paid with a debit card you can not claim..this is no longer the case…contact us now we will get your money back.


Can this be verified: NO

Our Summary: Not only a fraudulent company but also pretending to be a legitimate law firm in London & Madrid who have been informed of our research. They purport to be able to claim money back from EZE Group when in fact there are no court cases or claims anywhere.