Protecting  Timeshare Owners From Rogue Operators

Independent Reviews of Timeshare Companies

Timeshare Trust – Indepedent Reviews and Timeshare Advice. From high pressure and illegal timeshare promoters to bogus resale companies and scammers promising fake exits and claims, we advise timeshare owners on what factors to consider to help identify which companies can be trusted and which cant!  

Company Reviews

Giving you a helping hand

Whilst we provide guidelines on what due diligence we recommend timeshare owners to conduct before engaging with a company, we have also done some of the work for you and have provided our own company reviews on those companies that have been brought to our attention. 


Free Tools & Resources

To help you effectively research a company (or individual) we have provided links to some useful web based tools and resources which will assist you to access the information you need.    

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If you have had a positive or negative experience with a timeshare company and would like to share this with us please use the contact form here.