Company Review

Fake Spanish Court Cases

Sector: Court claims

Company Registered: N/A

Date Registered: N/A

Head Office:  N/A

Total Number of Staffed Offices: N/A

Can You Visit Them In Person: N/A

Business Phone Number: Yes, normally spanish mobile

Website: No

Domain Registered: N/A

What they say: A large sum has been awarded to the recipient as a result of a court case that took place in Spain.

Can this be verified: Yes – No such court case took place.

Our Summary:  A very clever scam relating to mostly failed holiday clubs. Fake court documents are sent in Spanish to confuse the recipient into believing that the case is real. When translated, far from real the documents are not even relating to holiday clubs or timeshare and have simply been doctored. These documents are normally sent with a copy of a fake bankers draft in favour of the recipient. Sums of money will be requested for a fake form before the funds are released. There was, and never will be a court case.

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