Company Review


Sector: Timeshare Claims and Exits

Company Registered: NO 

Date Registered: N/A

Head Office: Not Quoted

Total Number of Staffed Offices: 0

Can You Visit Them In Person: NO

Business Phone Number: Yes – Yeovil Somerset


Domain Registered: 16/09/2020






What they say: Daily cases are now being successfully brought to a conclusion in the Spanish court system. Companies dealing with timeshare claims are achieving a very high success rate.

To pursue a successful claim through the Spanish courts, you need to act now. As it stands, for the Spanish courts to investigate your timeshare claim, you need to hire a specialist in is this field or a Spanish legal officer. Please note they cannot act without your authorisation to pursue the claim.

 Can this be verified: NO 

 Our Summary: Another company that has just appeared. With no business address and a website created in September 2020 gives cause for concern. The company searches in both the UK and Spain reveals no formal registration.